Your round at Angels Crossing Golf Club begins with a good par 4. Fairway guarded by waste bunkers left and right side. Find the fairway and be left with a mid to short iron into the green. Plays short, down hill tee shot. You don’t need a driver off the tee. Fairway is crowned, balls tend to go right. Good tee shot will result in a wedge to the green. Tough par 3, must carry the ball over marsh and the green is elevated. Try not to miss it left, steep slope leads into the woods.
Challenging tee shot, must carry marsh 189 to 242 yards depending on your tee. With a good tee shot you can go for the green in two. Five fairway bunkers await your second shot, fairway is wider on the right side. Find the fairway off the tee…out of bounds left, water hazard right. Ideal spot off the tee would be right-center of fairway. Yardage control is important on second shot, bunkers guard front and the green in has two levels. One of the tougher greens on the course. The green is 70 yards in length and has a 5 foot drop in the middle. Yardage and club choice is very important.
This is one of the BEST holes in the area! Tough par 4, dogleg left. You want your tee shot to be left-center. For most players the second shot is blind, green is guarded by a deep bunker, right side. Reachable par 5, to carry the bunker it requires a tee shot of 184-244 yards depending on your tees. Right side of green has a horse shoe shape, collects alot of second and third shots. Good closing hole for the front side. Bunker in the center of the fairway is 220-272 carry. Fairway wood or hybrid is a smart club off the tee, being short of the bunker will leave you a short iron or wedge into the green.
h10c A good tee shot, left-center, should leave you with a wedge into the green. A tricky green with three defined quadrants. This is one of the wider fairways on the course. You want to hit your tee shot left of the maples, guarding the right side rough. Long, difficult par 3…you want to hit a high shot into this green. The front of the green is protected by a deep bunker and the green slopes away from you.
A good tee shot pays off on this par 5. Reachable in two, favor the right side. Center of the green yardage is the smart play for this hole. This par 4 is all about the tee shot…play the left side of the fairway. Tree guards the right side, blocking second shots into the green. This green slopes front to back.
Proper club selection is key on this par 4. Two water hazards along the right side and a large bunker on the left. Fairway wood or hybrid may be the smart choice off the tee.
The shortest hole on the course, this par 3 plays 138-173 yards long. Very shallow green…guarded by bunkers. This is the shortest par 5 on the course. A group of bunkers are down the left side of the fairway and a large bunker is on the right. Go for the green in two, the bail out area is to the right. h18ch18c The closer…#18 is one of the toughest finishing holes around. 450 yards from the back tee. Wetlands down the entire left side of the hole. The green is 67 yards deep. A par is a great score!!!