As a PGA Professional, I’m committed to the game of golf.  As a teacher of the game, I want my students to understand the DO’S and DON’TS of the swing.  I want my students to FEEL it, SEE it, REALIZE their potential and most important UNDERSTAND the game.A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of pre-swing fundamentals. The proper grip, aim, stance, balance, posture, alignment and ball position is the foundation and basis of any good golf swing.My teaching philosophy is simple – be ATHLETIC.  We can use your past/present experiences in sports/activities to set up your own personal approach to the swing.

I want you to learn the game!  Through learning, you will see what the game of golf has to offer, enjoy the game, and have more FUN!

Jeff Rohrstaff, PGA

½ Lesson:  $40
1 Hour Lesson:  $60
Playing Lesson:  $90

Playing Lesson is spent on the course working on course management, short game, etc.