March 2014 Newsletter

The first day of Spring…boy it sure feel like it!!! We hope all of you survived the winter it was the coldest one I can remember. We are looking forward to getting the 2014 golf season kicked off. The course will open as soon as Mother Nature allows.

Golf Course update:

With the extended length of winter in Michigan, there has been a lot talk of “Ice Damage” to the grasses on Golf Course putting greens, tees and fairways. At Angel’s Crossing, we have been monitoring the Golf Course, and keeping abreast of actions that other courses in our area have been doing, and watching all publications from Michigan State University Professors in the Turf grass Department. At this time I am not that concerned of any major damage caused by Ice accumulation on the Greens. One of the major benefits that we have in our area, is that we did not get the ice storm that many people got early in the winter. That ice storm coated much of the grass areas with a blanket of ice, then there was a slight thaw, then the cold came with the snow, which created a layer of ice underneath all of the snow. Here in the South Western area of Michigan, we did not receive the ice; we just got the cold temperatures and snow. Another factor that is benefiting us at Angels Crossings is that the grass variety on Greens, Tees, and Fairways is Bentgrass, and not Poa Annua. Bentgrass will have a longer resistance to any damage. I am not going to rule out any damage, but if any, it should be very minimal, and with proper actions, we can get the grass to grow out of any issues.

The extreme amount of snow, and length of the snow, has also raised questions about the appearance of a disease named “Snow Mold”. Here at Angels Crossing we apply preventative “Snow Mold” applications in the fall on Greens, Tees, Fairways, and the Driving Range Bentgrass areas, to prevent the disease. Since the short thaw, I have been checking the treated areas, but have not seen any significant amounts of the disease. However, the untreated areas, such as the rough, there are signs of some “Snow Mold” activity. Since the rough is kept at a taller mowing height, and a different type of grass, it will be able to grow out of any problem areas with some simple inputs.

As of now, there is still a fair amount of snow cover, and making it difficult to get out onto the golf course, we expect that in the coming days we will be able to get out on the course, to monitor the situation more, and to remove ice from the low areas, if we see it could become a problem. We will also start to clean up debris as much as we can without causing any more damage.

Michael Tichvon

Angels Crossing Golf Course Superintendent

IMG_2516Pro Shop:

The golf shop at Angels Crossing is packed full of NEW merchandise for the 2014 season.


What’s NEW:

  • Ogio, Nike and Titleist Bags
  • Nike Shoes
  • Clothing from: Nike, Ogio and Adidas
  • Ogio Push Carts
  • Nike/Odyssey Putters


Yet to Arrive:

  • Oakley Sunglasses and Clothing
  • Foot Joy/ Ogio Shoes
  • Antigua Clothing
  • Titleist/Adams Clubs
  • Leupold Range Finders

New merchandise arriving daily, stop by and take a PEEK.


Shop Hours until course opens:

Monday 10am – 3pm

Tuesday – Friday 9am – 5pm

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